IMG_1215 Lori Narewski  loves marketing and social media and supports all types of learning, including public, vocational, technical and career, charter, private, prep, and home-based because…one size does not fit all! She is a strong believer that one size does not fit all when it comes to education, encouraging students and families to evaluate their options and choose what is best for their own situation, including their academic needs, individual needs, financial situation, and any other area that impacts what the student needs to be as successful as possible in their learning journey.

Lori’s one son graduated from a local public high school and electrical vocational program. He then attended a community college, studying business. He was a gifted electrician and loved working with his hands. Her other two sons attended a local public high school then transferred to a prep/boarding school for both academic and sports reasons. (Until two months prior to the boys enrolling in the prep school Lori alway swore, “Over my dead body will my boys go to a boarding school.” Well, Lori is alive and well and the boys are thriving at school.) Both will be attending a private college and be on the school’s lacrosse team.

Lori is currently a business teacher at a local vocational technical high school, with a background as a corporate trainer, promotional product distributor, and consultant. Lori is also a graduate student, working on her masters in Social Media Marketing (after all, learning never ends!) Lori supports the vocational and technical trades through a scholarship fund she has set up to help students continue their journey of in the trades or business upon graduation of high school.

Note: All views and opinions expressed on this blog are Lori’s own and do not represent the views of her employer’s or other education entities.